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The JY Originals motto is "Inspire Through Creativity + Play." I'm a Pittsburgh-raised artist who spent more than five years in New York City before the transition to a traveling artist. I specialize in acrylic, oil and wood paintings, including murals and public projects. I produce work ranging from abstract to surrealism. I am currently the Artist in Residence at UrbanKind Institute where I focus on environmental justice and community engagement through the arts.

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Upcoming Events:

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Recent Shows:

Black to the Future (Wed-Fri, 2.26-28.20)

HOME is Where the HE[ART] is Pt II (month of January) - watch the video by JY Originals (@JY Originals.Originals)

HOME is Where the HE[ART] is (Sat-Sun, 8.18-19.18) - watch the video by Lindsay Hayes (@studio.hayes)

Apollo Harlem Cultural Connect (Sat, 3.10.18)

The Sunrise Kingdom: Queens Museum Edition (Sat, 2.10.18)

Artsy Window: This Hair. This Skin. This Body (Sat, 8.19.17)

RAW Sydney (Australia) FIXATE Art Show (Thu, 7.13.17)

C.A.K.E.: Chicks. Art. Kicks. Exhibition (Sat, 4.29)

Hey, Love Silent Auction (Sun, 3.12.17)

LuxyLoaded Art Battle (Sat, 2.18.17) - watch the video by J.R. Ruffin (@itsjrgraphy)

The Dollar Bin group show (Sun, 2.12.17)

Eclectic Zone art show (month of Feb)

The Grind NYC (Sat, 12.10.16)

Nothing But Art: Canvas & Cocktails (Tue, 12.6.16)

RAW NYC Art Show (Wed, 10.18.16)

Products on this site will be rotated often based on availability and most recent projects. To view my gallery, follow @jy.originals on Instagram.